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A New Kind of Soft Drink With Added PRE-biotics, which may Improve Your Gut, Digestive & Immune Health

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We added 7 Grams of Acacia Gum Prebiotic Fibre in each can

to improve your wellbeing

Sorted healthy prebiotic soft drink Quick Features

Improves Gut & Immune Health

PREbiotic fibre makes the PRObiotics in your gut happy.

No More Fizzy Bloat

Thaumatin, a natural sweetener, is gentle on your tummy.

Manage Your Weight

Fibre keeps you fuller for longer. Each can has under 20 Calories.

Stay Energised Longer

Helps regulate your blood sugar for a steady energy release.

Health Professionals
Recommend Sorted.

“Great alternative for those who love soft drinks, but a much healthier option that can be enjoyed more frequently.”


“Highly recommend for a refreshing drink which will also benefit your gut health”


“This is a great product that can be used as an alcohol-free option at a BBQ over the summer.”

Leah Van L.


Tastes like cola candy and organic cola’s love child. Oh and that taste lingers on. How long’s your stash going to last?

Sorted prebiotic soft drink cola


Tastes just like the classic lemon cordial with a touch of tartness and a bit of sweetness. Well, now you know what do with life’s lemons!

sorted prebiotic soft drink cola


Put on those bathers. Slather sunscreen. Tastes like a ripe care-free summer holiday by the poolside in Bali.

Sorted - Passionfruit - healthy prebiotic soft drink


This is the prettier sister of that purple drink we all used to drink heaps of after school. You know the one, right?

SORTED. Blood-Orange Healthy Soft Drink

Mint & watermelon

Cue the song, “watermelon, sugar, high”. Now sing it in your best Harry Styles impression. This might as well be a cocktail.

SORTED. Blackcurrant Healthy Soft Drink


The cool sea breeze punctuates the warm glow of the sun as you reach for the glass. The chilled sparkling arancia rossa goes down a treat.

SORTED. Blood-Orange Healthy Soft Drink

fizz lovers love

sorted founders ivy & adrian

our story, sorted.

Meet Ivy & Adrian, Melbourne-based couple and the makers of Sorted.

Back in 2016, nagging health issues threw a spanner in their lifestyle. Adrian couldn’t coach tennis properly. And Ivy couldn’t do her best at long-distance running.

Ivy’s research revealed to problems with their gut microbiome. Consuming more prebiotic and probiotic rich foods and drinks helped them recover. In the process, they even made and sold their own probiotic drink until 2022.

“It’s really hard to feel your best when your gut’s just not up to it”, Ivy says.

They wanted to make it easier for everyone to look after their wellbeing by improving their gut health. So, they created SORTED. Tastes just like a real soft drink, but it’s better for you.

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all Your Questions, sorted.

Is it gluten-free?

Yes, it’s naturally gluten-free

Is it vegan?

Yes, only 100% plant-based ingredients.

Is it low FODMAP friendly?

Yes, Sorted is sweetened with Thaumatin, which is a plant protein-based sweetener.

Is it Keto friendly?

Yes, since it’s got no sugar, and it’s only got under 1g of carbs, it’s a good fizzy refreshment for keto diets.

Is it okay for Diabetics?

Yes, Sorted is sweetened with Thaumatin, which is a plant protein-based sweetener, which doesn’t spike insulin. Prebiotic fibre helps control blood-sugar too.

Is it safe for kids?

Yes, it’s approved for kids over 1 year of age.

Does it contain stevia, aspartame or sucrose?

No, it’s sweetened with Thaumatin.

How many cans can I drink a day?

Each can contains up to 30% of your daily fibre needs. Technically, you can have as many as you like. But consuming more than 3 cans a day may be a cause of concern. Sorted is not a supplement for a well-balanced diet.

Is it okay for intermittent fasting?

Yes, absolutely. Since it’s low on carbs and calories and doesn’t spike your insulin, it’s okay for intermittent fasting. Depends on how strict your fast is. Harry, our marketing chief uses this as a treat in the middle of his fast and he’s lost 9KGs in 7 weeks.

Can I drink this for weight loss?

Sorted contains prebiotic fibre, which keeps you fuller for longer and thus suppresses your appetite. Sorted is NOT a weight-loss supplement. With proper nutrition and exercise, prebiotic fibre can assist with weight-loss.

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