The Good Seed – Ambassadors


How it works

  1. Join The Good Seed program by signing up above.
  2. You’ll need an Instagram professional account to be eligible. We need this for brand-creator collaboration and to promote YOU along with our brands.
  3. We’ll review your application for brand-fit and let you know about the outcome within one week.
  4. If you’re accepted into our ambassador program, you’ll be given a unique ambassador URL to share.
  5. Share your unique URL and your unique coupon to help your community and followers live a good life.

Your ambassador perks

  1. Earn 15% commission on all sales from your unique referral link (ex. tax & shipping). Payments are made monthly or when your account reaches $50 commissions. We can organise bank transfer or Paypal transfers.
  2. 10% OFF for your followers and community on their first purchase (when they use your coupon).
  3. Monthly product drops to help you live The Good Seed lifestyle and create content.
  4. We’ll sponsor your content through brand collaboration on Instagram & Facebook so that you get exposure to new audiences too and hopefully more followers.
  5. Make full use of regular workshops, run by our agency, to help you craft a clear brand message, improve your content and even prizes for the best content.

What we need from you

  1. Content. Lots of content. No, not lots. Just 3 – 4 images and 2 reels each month.
  2. There will be a new theme/message each month so that you don’t come across as a broken record to your audience. You’ll be provided with a brief. Content must adhere to guidelines. However, you have total creative freedom to express it according to your brand. Content will revolve around consumption occasions, brand messages and brand promotions.
  3. You can choose to either make use of our co-branded promotion or hand over the content to us. The Good Seed retains rights to content submitted to us. You retain full rights to your content if you opt for co-branded content promotion.

Are you a good fit?

  1. We’re looking for people with a vibrant and active community.
  2. Your current content will be closely related to our brands.
  3. Your content will have a certain quality standard that covers, photography, videography, storytelling and message cohesion.
  4. If you like informing your community about nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, fashion, and food we’d encourage you to apply to this program.